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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 12, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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what about the detectives >> good evening and thank you. working nearly 2,000 man-hours >> martha: that is "the story." wednesday, february 12th, 2020. that is always -- as always, in overtime? now they drop the charges, are you kidding me? what a slap in the face! "the story" continues. >> tucker: do you think, we'll see you tomorrow night at having been around the justice 7:00. good night, everybody. system for a long time, if jussie smollett had just been an ♪ ordinary person and not an actor who had connections to the obamas, that he would have gotten away with this the first time? >> oh, no. the charges would have been brought. >> tucker: good evening and you had the police chief, he had welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the police union, detectives, so here's the actual headline, the one that should be running 2,000 overtime hours, thousands but isn't. bernie sanders is now officially the front corner of the and thousands of dollars spent democratic nomination. on this, and it is so obvious sanders on mackinac hampshire primary last night. he received the most votes. what he did. he will get the most delicates. he used hate -- hate crimes to the democratic contest now turns to the state of nevada. his advantage to make more sanders is likely to win there money. too. at this point, and the betting he was already pulling down 55 grand per episode! markets agree on this, sanders is the odds-on favorite to face yes, and that did not make them donald trump in november. happy. first, there were those letters, so pause for a moment and think the letter that came to the about what that means. it's kind of an amazing story, empire set -- i can't wait to really prayed for decades, see this. because it looked like it came out of a "murder she wrote," bernie sanders was dismissed out of hand as a crank, and ideological all
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antique, a router with excessive "nancy drew," they cut out the words into a little man hanging, ear hair, and soviet symphonies, all of them true. nobody in washington took using hate, using an bernie sanders seriously coming african-american man with a rope up for a moment. around his neck to conjure up he wasn't even technically a democrat. all those horrible, hateful he was a proud independent who memories and images and used despised the democratic party. and now, all of a sudden, the them to get a raise! that is not going to work. oddsmakers are telling us that bernie sanders is likely to take he's going down. >> tucker: worked in the media. over the democratic party, the robin roberts believed him. whole thing. >> i don't know about that. amazing. so no matter what you think of just because she was polite for him, bernie sanders' rise is one him, for pete's sake. of the most remarkable i mean, she's got to -- i can't developments in american ever be accused of being polite politics and decades and yet the political process is essentially to somebody. not covering it. many have decided it's just not but, hey happening. they've been told by their masters and the dnc to stop i care about what a jury things sanders and four weeks, they and i care about other victims, have worked their best to affect that. a couple of weeks ago, they other victims that now will be include elizabeth warren to call tainted because of sanders a success. that failed. now they are pretending that jussie smollett. losing candidates are actually yes. >> tucker: nancy grace, great the winners. to see you tonight. hi chyron and msnbc read >> likewise. >> tucker: thank you. "pete buttigieg kind of a shocking story out of virginia tonight. new gun-control laws designed to , amy daschle and chris matthews punish nonviolent noncriminals.
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came on the screen to explain that actually, bernie sanders i think they are voting the wrong way. our investigation into that is didn't win. i mean, yeah, he got the most next. ♪ votes but that doesn't matter. what is this, some kind of democracy? >> a win is get to win. a new york football giants -- but it wasn't a victory by a guy who got 60% last time. and buttigieg and klobuchar together trounced bernie tonig tonight. >> tucker: are you following that? if you take two totally different candidates and you meld them into a single person, sanders would, in fact, be in second place. take that, bernie bros! but even if you use chris matthews' math, you could not hide the biggest loser last night. and that, of course, was media appointed frontrunner joe biden pray doing a rare moment of lucidity last fall, biden, and a complete sentence, promised he would win new hampshire. instead, he finished fifth. his vote total at the end was closer to zero than it was to a bernie sanders god. in fact, biden failed so completely in new hampshire that
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he didn't even bother to speak to her supporters in the states. many of whom who have campaigned on his behalf for a year. instead, he blew them off completely and fled to south carolina where he delivered a bizarre, rambling speech declaring that new hampshire voters don't matter anyway, who cares about them, they are the wrong skin color. >> up until now, we have not heard from the most committed constituents of the democratic car party, the african-american community. i want you all to think of a number. 99.9%. that is the percentage of african-american voters who have not yet had a chance to vote in america. one more percent of latino voters who have not had a chance to vote. [laughs] so when you hear all these pundits and experts, cable tv talkers, talk about the race, tell them, it ain't over, man. we are just getting started. [cheers and applause] our votes count, too. >> tucker: our votes count.
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you heard that right. biden's plans to resuscitate his campaign make it about race. that, of course, is a tactic that democrats have used for over 100 years. there's nothing uglier than that, though unfortunately sometimes effective. listen to this. biden's new ad. he plays the role of several rights merger, fresh out of gospel choir practice. listen. >> we don't feel tired. we have come too far from where we started. nobody have told me the road would be easy, and i don't believe he brought me this far to stop now. you don't like what's going on in this country, you only have one thing to do. work. together, we can and will win. let's take back this country n now! >> tucker: so if you are biden's age and you are literally this close, probably weeks away to retiring to book of esther, why degrade yourself like that? that was pandering so pointed, got to wonder if biden got it from
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hillary clinton. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i've come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. i don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. >> tucker: imagine talking like that. how much would you hate yourself? biden thought it was great. he copied it. sad. a campaign that should have been euthanized along time ago. for the same press corps that told you joe biden was the frontrunner, and ignored his obvious infirmity, is enabling him once again. they are doing that by playing along as he reframes his entire contest is really something about race. according to media, new hampshire's voters, just like the voters in iowa, don't really matter. they don't count because they are the wrong color. they are telling you that. msnbc anchor craig melvin tweeted this, we are quoting
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"inaccurate headline would read bernie sanders wins, amy surges and surprises, black and brown voters now start casting primary ballots." please pray talk about someone refusing to read the newspaper. black and brown voters have been voting for the beginning. plenty of them have voted for bernie sanders. he won their votes in iowa, he will certainly win heavily hispanic nevada. but why are we even having this conversation? do you really want to live in a country where votes are tallied by race? 's people in the state of they do. but do you? georgia virginia has some of the lowest crime rates in america. how do you think that ends? despite that, democrats are determined to curtail the constitutional rights of its it ends badly. citizens. they approved a new gun every single time. legislation promoted by the so why are they doing this? it's pretty obvious why they are doing it. as long as voters are divided by governor blackface race, and that is their aim, to ralph northam. it would ban the sale of so-called assault weapons -- divide them, they are less whatever those are -- i would likely to notice that the real also ban all gun magazines that carry more than a dozen rows, debates in this country and the real problems are about which is a lot of them. economics. our team went to virginia to issues like rising inequality, a detached elite willing to cash investigate what is going on there. out even if it means sending all here's what they found. >> i would classify myself as a american jobs to china. for wall street, woke and this gun enthusiast. is a fantastic and highly >> tucker: meets danny diggs, effective diversion. sheriff of north county, goldman sachs will gladly issue virginia. >> if the government told you to a press release saying they're
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banning all white ipos. confiscate ar-15s, would you pray they did it last month. do it? >> as it stands right now, no. they are happy to do it as long as it keepsing their taxes. [chanting "usa"] that is all they care about is the money, that's it. and they are willing to rip the >> tucker: he's at the center of the backlash between the backlash of the gun-control people don't get over this stuff quickly. they are doing it so they can legislations being pushed by ralph northam prater and in get away with looting the country. response, it became a that is the truth. it's tempting to assume that the second amendment sanctuary. county supervisor chad greene price is going along with this wrote the resolution. because they know what's happening come up that is >> does that mean that the probably not true. county is not going to enforce they are probably just dumb. the gun laws? they have no idea. >> it means that we are opposed these are the same people who thought beto o'rourke was the to any unnecessary regulation next bobby kennedy. they don't know anything. i don't even know what they are and gun laws. saying. >> that is just symbolic. keep that in mind the next time >> no, it has teeth and it is i tell you pete buttigieg is going to be president. yeah, okay. richard goodstein as an legally binding and enforceable. attorney, former advisor to bill >> tucker: nearly all of and hillary clinton. he join joins us tonight we this virginia's counties have enacted so much for coming on. second amendment sanctuary i understand you're upset about resolutions to protect gun bernie sanders, i get it, i'm owners. >> we don't need more not for bernie sanders. legislation. >> tucker: a virginia showdown when barack obama was president, i hated it, i didn't think he is the biggest clash between was a good president but at least i admit that he was anti-gun groups and firearms president. i didn't pretend he wasn't. owners in the south. i'm seeing democrats saying that >> did you get point in the chamber? bernie sanders is not the >> yes, at all times. frontrunner because i don't want tto to be true so it can't be.
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what do you make of that? speak with our two groups of >> tucker: beatrice is a people that talk about bernie sanders being frontrunne. virginia-based firearms instructor. >> virginia definitely is a one are bernie sanders supporters. testing ground for what can two are people who engage in happen. >> tucker: bloomberg's wishful thinking hoping that he anti-gun group spent 200 and will be the frontrunner and the half million dollars in virginia's last election eventual nominee because they cycle lawn. know what a weak general it paid off by democrats now control virginia for the first election candidate he'll be. time in decades. i don't know -- since you the democrats are part of his declared it may frontrunner, i proposals include a ban on don't know which category you are in. semiautomatic rifles, mandatory i am just saying that's it. background checks, red flag let me just say, four years laws, and a prohibition on magazines that carry more than ten rounds. ago -- >> tucker: i'm a math guy, >> most magazines carry more actually. that is why i say that. than ten rounds. look at the numbers. that would make me a felon. >> four years ago, the precise >> tucker: nancy lee dixon is time right after new hampshire, a longtime virginian. she opposes new gun-control bernie was up four delicates. he is now down two to buttigieg. measures. >> it is my constitutional right. the right to bear arms. again, you have to accept what it doesn't say the right to bear i'm saying. he is not the frontrunner other a bb gun. >> tucker: in 2013, the state than in people's imagination. of maryland banned this tale of >> tucker: okay. since you mentioned at four magazines that carry more than years ago, i was on television ten rounds. on, you can check that have come the law didn't make people i never for one moment that safer. since it passed from police or bernie sanders was going to be the nominee. the recovery more large i never thought he was a frontrunner. i don't care where he was in the magazines at the seeds of crimes. process. the states murder rate rose 40% i'm looking at this layout and in three years.
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recognizing what is very obvious to anyone who is not emotionally >> laws only pertain to those involved, which is no one can who want to abide by them in the stop bernie. first place. >> tucker: northam and his water carriers in the media call the pros lost common sense safety measures. you can't hire some tiny mayor from new york or from south bend even to come in and just, like, sheriff diggs disagrees. force himself on democratic >> common sense would say the voters. they agree with bernie, they most dangerous place in america like bernie, and i don't see who is a gun free zone. i can tell you right now, i was going to stop them. seriously? >> i think he stopping himself. the evidence is in the numbers. don't want to abide by gun free he got us than half the vote in zones. >> tucker: the most significant factor helping iowa last week and he got four bloomberg's virginia's rapidly changing demographics by the years ago. majority of people now living in he got way less than half last the state were actually born night in new hampshire than he outside of it. >> if you told yourself 20 years got four years ago. >> tucker: i hate to ago that virginia was going to interrupt. sincerely, how many people would be in a situation today, would you have believed it? >> i never would have believed say running against four years it. ago -- how many people was he change very fast. running against? >> tucker: is a state politics i refer you back to mathematics. change, the question begin dough kind of a part of nature, like might becomes, will virginian stews to comply questioning >> it -- so he had many more would you give up their opponents this time, so of course he got a smaller guns of the government told to do? percentage, no? >> no. >> do you think a lot of people >> there were 75,000 people that feel the same way? voted for him last time that >> i think everybody feels that didn't vote for him this time. way. he won all but four towns in >> tucker: we'll stay on that story. is it mean something? new hampshire last time. he lost over 90 this time. tonight, there is evidence that the coronavirus is spreading
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all i'm saying, he's not wearing through pipes. well. a remarkable development that call it what you will, i'm just may have applications for us saying, who can beat him? here in the u.s., that is next. the answer is -- look, there is ♪ a narrative that says, oh, the democrats are being overtaken by liberals and progressives and socialists. the voters and say otherwise. the voters any aggregate are voting more for moderate candids ananend i will come to hampshire for liberals. it is simple. >> tucker: you are absolutely right. you are totally right. the problem is, aggregate is not a candidate. [laughs] it's an amalgam of a bunch of people. it's a bunch of separate candidates. >> democrats have to line up behind someone to be timid if they don't, he's a nominee, he will lose, get clobbered. >> tucker: democrats can't stand alone, as you well know. they don't do well. richard, great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: after joe biden, the other big loser on tuesday was another ex-frontrunner, elizabeth warren. she finished fourth. she didn't really have if you have barely half the votes of amy klobuchar -- no offense to amy klobuchar -- not
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good. officially, elizabeth warren's presidential campaign is still going, no one believes really it means anything. in fact, we can't say at this point what exactly elizabeth warren is running for. maybe she hopes to get a few delicates she can exchange for a cabinet job if a democrat wins. maybe she wants to sabotage bernie sanders because he is a sexist by siphoning votes from him. maybe she just likes traveling around giving speeches and lots of sermons, flying around private planes, which she loves to do. but one thing for certain, warren is not running for president because she thinks she can become president because she can't. despite that, and her nonconcession speech last night -- this is very telling -- warren bragged about taking half the bank account of a broke college student to finance or doomed ambitions. watch this. >> this young woman came up by herself and she said, i am a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. angie said, i checked and i have $6 in the bank. so i just gave $3 to keep you in this fight.
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that's what we got to do. we got to stay in this fight with people who are counting on us. >> tucker: [laughs] she's literally begging money from the indigent to continue a campaign that can't win. it's not even a campaign at that point. it's a religious movement or a cult. really, i didn't even happen. who knows. warren has been caught lying about so many things we can actually check. just imagine what she says when she can't be caught. i mean, really. it's tamping to say that warren collapse, that her campaign died because eli thought that that is actually not the case. warren has been lying for a long time. she pretended to be an american indian. remember, that happen before she locked her campaign. voters knew it and yet for a while she was the democratic frontrunner. so clearly democrats were willing to forgive her fabrication. no. she just started campaigning for much more interesting reasons. warren fell apart for the same reason beto o'rourke did. in place of a method, an actual message that unites people
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around ideas and policies, she went all on wokeness. all in. every public appearance brought out a new facet to her remarkable wokenes. her town hall endorsing rate-based reparations. >> i believe it is time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations. >> tucker: so she wrote that for a while. then by summer, that wasn't enough. reparations, old hat. warren is nothing if not created. she invented a brand-new, kind of racism come a whole new category. watch this. >> we live in a country now where the president is inventing environmental racism, economic racism, criminal justice racism, health care racism. >> tucker: yep. warren was pledging to fight health care racism. as documented by doctors? she never explained. our nurses committing health care racism?
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who knows. she it was the last thing she did pray she kept going. by early this year, nunes saying was promising transgender children picker cabinet members, for real. >> i'm going to have a secretary of education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf, and only if this person believes that our secretary or secretary of education nominee is someone who is committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone, well, that person be advanced to be a secretary of education. do you like that? >> tucker: here are the new let's do that. numbers on coronavirus. >> tucker: so was that 242 new deaths from the virus pandering? reported in china and almost with that scripted? no. it wasn't. 15,000 new cases. those are official numbers by no lobby group told her to say that. china's count, which is you couldn't make that up. obviously cannot trust. she came to that on her own now there is evidence of the virus is spreading through because you know what? she meant it. plumbing pipes. apparently even the tiniest crack in a pipe can allow the after a while, the wokeness virus to infect new people.
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infected her brain so two people in hong kong apartment are both infected despite -- this is remarkable -- saying. got crazier and crazier. living ten floors apart. think about that. reparations for couples? great a gender binary at the moment, the chinese people? the backbone of our democracy, she really said that. coronavirus remains a global health concern and a serious eventually it was too much, even one. but they're already science it for liberals. could become an economic crisis they look at this and said, what as well. are you talking about? bernie sanders, meanwhile, was more than 50 countries have promising universal health care. restricted travel to china to something they actually want. whether it's a good idea or not, prevent the spread of the disease. huge swaths the country are shut something people wanted. warren tried to jump on and promise the same thing except she said she would magically do down. what could be the effect of all it without raising taxes on the of this on the economy around middle class. the world and here in the again, even democrats cannot buy united states? maria bartiromo is one person it after a while. who would know. when warren finally gives up she hosts "mornings with maria" this charade -- i am running for president national, you are not, on the fox business network. we are happy to have her. please -- will you be able to are you concerned about the summer campaign up in three wor. effect of this disease on the global economy? >> oh, yeah. died of wokeness. hi, tucker. thanks for having me. i think we certainly will see an so a presidential campaigns were impact on the global economy. sold in kits like model you just laid it out. would you consider the fact that airplanes, pete buttigieg would be president for life. china is pretty much shut down right now in terms of economic
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he is so fake that if you look activity, no flights going in closely, he will see glue dripping from his shirtsleeves. and out around wuhan and the naturally, the president loves him and loved him from the surrounding provinces. second he started running. tons of companies either >> there he was yesterday, front charting operations or temporarily closing down. and center, now third in the that is no economic activity. today, china represents a much polls with a speech that many bigger portion of the global have said our historic. >> he's inspirational, so far. economy than ever before. so what happens in china will that is something that voters have an impact on the actually want. >> he appeals for a lot of united states. i think from a practical things. he's a veteran, he's openly gay, standpoint, you have to look at he's from indiana. >> this guy is -- things like components and parts. there are parts in cars, parts and our phones, components and >> tucker: for thing about love is, when it's real, it just various devices that are made in china. so that you you probably see gets deeper and more intense. sometimes even more passionate. bottlenecks in terms of the ten months later, that is where supply chain, and that will impt we are. earnings. we have a very strong economy the press loves him. most of america is wondering if pete buttigieg actually has a right now here in united states. i would expect a bite of a slow down later on in the year. soul about late night msnbc reporter von hilliard said that >> tucker: i wonder if this will be a wake-up call to the boy wonder has the greatest american companies that it's in soul of all. >> god bless pete buttigieg but their interest to at least he kind of talks at the level of retain the capacity to manufacture key parts here. mister rogers. with that sort of composure and >>can companies
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poise. if you go back and read the transcript of his speech, it is will say, you know what, the like he typed it out, and he has uncertainty a look of all of this is causing us to have a pl. the comma and everything perfectly because he speaks in and that is basically with the president tried to do with the perfect sentences. he's an amazing human being. >> you hear these older voters, usmca as well as the china who is doing well with, he is their son or the person they phase one deal, to send want their son or daughter to be manufacturing back to america, friends with or date. so that companies recognize that the safest place in terms of >> tucker: yeah. their own manufacturing will be you can sum him up, just an here at home. amazing human being. there are also other issues. that's journalism. there is the trust issue. look, china lied to us. this is a journalist, he lives they did not tell us when this in you, always happy to have coronavirus actually started. him. chadwick, great to see you. they knew about this back in pete buttigieg is chicken soup november of last year. then they sent this huge for the soul. delegation to the white house to shake everybody's hand to do the >> they certainly got a crush, china phase one deal, then they don't they? [laughs] nothing he says makes any sense. sent the largest delegation ever you listen to him speak, and sent to diablos. they had those virus beginning it's like his speeches are doing obama were generator. there is that why they waited a we are going to imagine a better long time before anyone could future -- he says nothing when actually go in there, a he speaks. he has absolutely no leadership foreigner, to see how this originated. they still will not allow the skills. he's accomplished nothing in his life that would impress an
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average person, certainly cdc, the best institution in impresses the folks who work in terms of disease control in the media that he's a rhodes scholar world, the cdc is not able to and can speak a couple languag get into china on its own to languages. nothing else. 37-year-old mayor of a crumbling actually better understand where this originated and how severe very, very racially and it is right now. economically divided serfdom and indiana. >> tucker: maria bartiromo, here they are trying to create a ladies and gentlemen. celebrity, trying to create a and now also new york, to sean hannity right now. leader where they're absolutely >> sean: tucker, thank you. gratian was as always. simply without a doubt is not welcome to "hannity." tonight, there is a clear front runner in the extreme radical one. and that is undeniable. democratic socialist party, and, >> tucker: it's every speeches an avalanche of banalities. yep, that is a 78-year-old you can suffocate but in beneath curmudgeon, devout soviet-style socialist. you know, the guy that took a hollow phrases by the millions that is dumped down from mount honeymoon in the former soviet union, that guy. buttigieg. i mean, does this guy have a chance? the democratic party is in a >> here is what i think, with state of roost tonight. the moderates -- they are biden taking in the early states -- first of all, we just nonexistent, long gone, had primaries and caucus and pragmatic, centrist politicians. there is not even room for joe primary in two of the whitest state in the country, and where lieberman any longer in this pete did fairly well. democratic party. that is not at all surprising. so radical, extreme, and, yes, pizza just terrible among black socialism that would destroy the voters. recent polls with democrat black great american prosperity that
5:19 pm
we now experience over the last voters, he didn't even register -- that means less than three years. last night, bernie sanders, 1%, close to 0%. bernie sandege democrats can't win my collections without black voters motivated to get out. they really don't like mayor pete. the next couple of primaries will be interesting. i personally sort of see the party getting behind him because if biden -- if the nation's onto the fact that biden is too incompetent or what have you to be their nominee, if there is anyone who looks like you can absolutely control him, if there's anyone who could be a wall street money, anyone who could be bought and sold and would just play ball, it is mayor pete. the man just wants to be famous, he just wants to be a name. >> tucker: one of his top advisors he just tired, goldman sachs guy. >> exactly. >> tucker: chadwick moore, great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: both the creepy porn lawyer and jesse' small letter facing time if justice does exist, it's
5:20 pm
often imperfect and it's never been more imperfect than the case of roger stone. he's facing a grossly unjust prison sentence. it's likely only the president can fix that. we'll explain next. ♪ sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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whether you're travelling around the country or around the house, keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. ♪ >> tucker: back in november, former trump advisor roger stone was convicted of several charges related to the now officially discredited russia investigation. prosecutors claim that stone lied about communicated with a former stand-up comedian called randy credico, a man whose role in the story was so minor that it's already been lost to history. for this offense, prosecutors
5:25 pm
say, stone, who is 67 years old and has no criminal record, must spend up to nine years in prison. not for perspective on that sentence, the typical rapist in this country spends four years come armed robbers, three years, thugs who commit violent assault on what less than a year and a half. but roger stone must do nine years until he is 76 years old. for longing. now there is some irony here. so-called criminal justice reform is fashionable in washington right now, an awful lot of sex offenders and drug dealers and other predators predators, serious predators, have been released early from prison lately. it is compassionate, they are telling us. it somehow nobody in d.c. believes that compassion not to extend to roger stone, who is guilty of nonviolent, essentially political offenses, just the opposite. the usual moralize or seem gleeful at the thought that stone will die in a cell. cnn has been is actually ghoulish on the subject. you'll remember that prosecutors tipped off jeff zucker's network
5:26 pm
last year so they could have cameras at his place when dozens of federal agents armed with automatic weapons dragged roger stone from his home at dawn. talk about state tv. for the last few days, the hyenas on cnn have been driven into hysteria by the thought that the justice department might reduce roger stone's sentence even by a day. >> it is clearly, utterly offensive to the rule of law. this is what sets this country apart. this is what a banana republic does. that is what a dictator does. it is outrageous. i hope people are infuriated by this. >> the reason they are doing it is a slimy, sleazy, dirty. >> roger stone is somebody i hold in minimum high esteem. so i was not happy to see him get seven to nine -- >> you didn't think that was too aggressive? >> i thought it was aggressive. >> tucker: wait a second. with that relieved john dean
5:27 pm
telling you how happy he is that roger stone will die in jail? so cnn's moral arbiter on questions of law and order is literally a convicted felon? it's enough to make your head spin. but at least it's now clear what's actually going on. this is a pure political hit. roger stone is facing prison because he is a high profile donald trump supporter. it's that simple. you want. here it is. john brennan and james clapper will sleep at home tonight. both have been caught lying under oath on camera about matters of national importance. and yet neither is in jail. neither has been indicted. neither of them will be. the stone case, by contrast, was transparently political from day one. the lead prosecutor, andrew weissmann, is now literally an msnbc comparator. the judge in this case, amy berman jackson, is an out-of-control democratic partisan, who purely come out of spite, strip roger stone of his first amendment rights and prevented him from making a living, coming on this show, for example, speaking at all in
5:28 pm
public. now stone and his wife, who is 71 years old and death , have lost their home because of it. they have no insurance, they are utterly broken. the whole thing is shocking and it's disgusting. it's a farce that discredits the entire american justice system. the president seems to understand that. he cannot allow this miscarriagf justice, he tweeted recently. he is right. on a couple of levels. what's happening to roger stone is totally wrong. it's immoral and we should not allowed in this country. but politically, it has significant scum too played stone's prosecution was designed in part to confirm the fantasies that democrats have constructed to explain the outcome of the 2016 election. his conviction helps their case. in other words, if the russia collusion story was a hoax, and of course it both certainly was a hoax, then why is roger stoner his role in it? if roger stone serves even a single day behind bars, the rush of life will be validated as
5:29 pm
true. stone's imprisonment will be prima facie evidence in their view of democrats. so at this point, there is really one solution. the president must pardon roger stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail. democrats will howl if he does that. well, they are helping anyway. they howl every day. chuck schumer is now yelping about another investigation into roger stone. russia in one entirely constitutional act, the president could save roger stone's life, vindicate himself, and end this nonsense forever. let's hope he does it. we'll be watching. tom fitton has been following the roger stone case since day one. he joins us tonight. he's of course the president of judicial watch. tom, this is the most political prosecution i have ever seen in this country. the more you know about it, the more shocking it is. tell us why we should doubt the fairness of these proceedings.
5:30 pm
>> it rises out of the mueller investigation, which has been a thoroughly compromised by not only the fisa come up with the political nature of the investigators, most of whom are democrats are democrat donors. you also have them investigating trump for almost two years, knowing the underlying issue, russia collusion was a big scam and a big lie. they knew that from the get-go. and on the stone case, you have at least two of the investigators, two of the prosecutors who "resigned" from the case where mueller operatives, who have obviously an interest here, and so when you have prosecutors and a justice department, three of whom, by the way, who resigned, three of those were democrats, as best as i can tell, pushing for a sentence that the law doesn't require. they are talking about putting someone in jail for an extra period of time beyond what the law but would require. that is according to the justice department's own filing on
5:31 pm
tuesday. >> tucker: i don't understand -- hold on. none of these so-called crimes would have been prosecuted if he hadn't been pulled into an investigation that led nowhere. in other words, he is being put in prison -- he is put in prison as an ancillary victim of an investigation that turned out to be fruitless. it's actually insane if you think about it. >> that is presuming that there should have been a charge to begin with. he called this guy, he directed his dog, it was obviously a silly threat. it wasn't a serious threat. it wasn't taken seriously by the alleged victim. >> tucker: a dog lover -- the whole thing was a lie. >> the prosecutors go to the court the other day, these mueller guys, tell the court, this is all part of the foreign intervention, which was a big lie. so there is a scandal at the justice department. it has nothing to do with bob barr. it has everything to do that with these prosecutors who are acting like their own little team, independent of the rule of law, to target president trump, to try to vindicate the mueller
5:32 pm
scam and slap at trump after his vindication by acquittal in the impeachment thing. this is all about -- >> tucker: you are right. if they sent him to prison, they will use the fact he went to prison as a way to claim the russia investigation was real. this man needs a pardon before he -- >> quickly -- >> tucker: i'm sorry, we are totally out of time. >> trump should pardon everyone caught up in the mueller scheme. >> tucker: i agree with that. particularly roger stone. thank you. most of the time, fortunately, the justices and does what it is supposed to do. case in point, jussie smollett and the creepy porn lawyer both learning right now they are in trouble. probably for good reason. nancy grace toys 'r' us toys "r" joins usafter the brea.
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>> tucker: we have news tonight from the ongoing saga of creepy porn lawyer. trace gallagher is here with more this evening. >> tucker, the jury deliberated for five hours today before calling it a day. they are considering three separate charges. the big one is extortion, which could send stormy daniels' former attorney to prison for decades. he's accused of demanding that nike pay him $25 million in exchange for him not going public with allegations that nike was bribing high school athletes. during closing arguments, prosecutors played audio recordings of stormy's former lawyer, threatening to blow the whistle on nike. prosecutors told the jury, "that is what extortion sounds like." defense attorneys insist there was no extortion and that the
5:38 pm
audiotapes were simply the rantings of an aggressive lawyer. won or lose after this trial, stormy's former liar goes back to court on charges that he tried to cheat stormy herself out of the proceeds of her book deal. that trials are to begin april 21st. he is also facing federal charges for stealing money from his other clients to maintain his beach houses, private planes, and luxury vacations. for now, he is staying at the knoxville that curious manhattan metropolitan correctional cente. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you for the update. and more just as news tonight from the story of jussie smollett, which is not over. a year ago, your member, the chicago state's attorney kimberly fox, a friend of the obamas, not surprising, and expect doubly and clearly wrongly, dropped all charges against smollett for committing a fake hate crime. now special prosecutor new charges.
5:39 pm
nancy grace hosts "crime stories of the nancy grace" right here on fox nation. we are happy to have her. they get so much for coming on. a lot of us never thought that jussie smollett would back in court. how did that happen? >> [laughs] this is what happened. when tim fox come of that the state's attorney there in chicago, suddenly mysteriously and abruptly dropped charges against jesse small at after speaking to his family and also people within michelle obama's staff, she suddenly dropped charges. even she could not articulate why everybody went berserk. i'm talking about the police chief, the union, the police union, they were angry, they wanted her head. then an independent investigator was named to oversee what was happening, and about 11 months later, and interestingly, tuck tucker, after a sweeping search warrant, two of them demanding that google hand over her emails, texts, but voice
5:40 pm
dictation, cloud, everything of smollett and his manager about one month later, this new indictment comes down. it is six counts, each one a felony, although it is called disorderly conduct. he is looking at one to three on each one plus a part. interesting, one o admire, they pause to statement starting with a police officer, he tells him the story pointed and he tell the detective, kimberly murray the story but then he tells detective robert gray the story. each one of those, a separate count. >> tucker: it sounds like this is not complicated. is what we thought he was guilty of the first time. >> it's not complicated at all. >> tucker: writes. this does make us wonder even more if there was corruption involved in the charges being dropped by the states attorney,
5:41 pm
kimberly fox. >> yes, i think there's going to be another ongoing investigation regarding tim fox dropping the charges, and why -- but you know what really disturbs me, i have worked on hate crimes, tucker, back when we didn't even have the phrase of hate crimes. and i had a particular case that went all the way to the georgia supreme court for a young african-american male were raped, shot and i head, stabbed, and they were found lying around atlanta with their pants pulled down. that is a hate crime. that is a hate crime! when other hate crime victims go in front of the jury, they are going to go back and go, you think smollett? do you think this is like jussie smollett? is that
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